Report a Sighting

Report an emergency

If you see a cassowary in trouble and in urgent need of assistance e.g. an injured bird, an orphaned chick, or a bird in clear distress (sick, starving, etc.) please call the  24hr hotline: 1300 130 372

Don’t panic if the number goes to an answering machine – the ranger on duty may be attending to another matter. Leave as much detail as possible about the incident, location, timing and contact details so that local rangers or wildlife carers are able to respond appropriately.

Report general sightings

For all other non-urgent sightings, please email with the details. If you’re familiar with Microsoft Excel, you can download the Cassowary Incident Assessment Form and use it to report your sighting.

If you’re not sure about the age / life stage of the cassowary you saw, please refer to our handy Cassowary Identification page.

Help build local knowledge

Community groups in Mission Beach and the Daintree are keen to develop a better understanding of their local cassowary populations and would be grateful for photos and information about any cassowaries you’ve seen in their areas.

You can share information about sightings in the Mission Beach area via the Mission Beach Cassowaries group on Facebook or by filling in the sightings log at the C4 visitor centre.

The Daintree Region Cassowary Group would love information about sightings in the Daintree and Cape Tribulation area. Click on the “Submit Sighting” link on the front page of their website and complete the online form.