Queensland pledges support for the cassowaries of Mission Beach

On Sunday 20 November, the Queensland Government launched it’s new biodiversity strategy: Building Nature’s Resilience: A Biodiversity Strategy for Queensland.

One of the priorities in the strategy is “developing and implementing a Cassowary Rescue Plan in collaboration with key stakeholders in the Mission Beach area“.

Ms Darling met with members of the Cassowary Recovery Team in Cairns only a few days after her appointment to discuss our concerns, and the team appreciates her interest.

Despite legislation to prevent broadscale clearing, habitat loss continues around Mission Beach, as development slowly reduces and fragments cassowary habitat and corridors. A co-ordinated effort is required to prevent this “death by a thousand cuts”, and this show of commitment from the Queensland Government is a step in the right direction. We look forward to seeing how things progress and to working together to protect the cassowary population of Mission Beach.

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