Cassowary Sightings Log

Cassowary Sightings from the Cassowary Coast 1999-2012

For many years, CRT member C4 have been collecting sightings information about cassowaries through a daily log at their Visitor Centre in Mission Beach.

When local retiree, Jeff Larson (a self-confessed “mad stats” person), joined C4 in 2009, he generously volunteered his time to enter all the data into a spreadsheet for public viewing.

“The cassowary sightings spreadsheet took me about two years to complete and during that time I came to appreciate just how valuable an asset the bird is to the rainforests of not only this region, but all others in the Wet Tropics.”, says Jeff. “Being a retired person gave me time to input the information into the spreadsheet and also gives me time to walk around in the national parks and ride my bike as well. These activities bring me into contact with cassowary often and being a mad photographer I have been able to take photos of these magnificent birds.” 

We commend Jeff for the incredible job he’s done collating information about more than 3,400 cassowary sightings into this spreadsheet. A fantastic contribution to building our understanding of the cassowary population in the Mission Beach area. Thank you for your dedication!

Please keep reporting your cassowary sightings to help us build a better understanding of cassowary populations in the Wet Tropics – thank you!