The primary function of the Cassowary Recovery Team (CRT) is to coordinate implementation of the Recovery Plan for the Southern Cassowary.

The objective of the cassowary recovery plan is to ‘protect cassowaries, habitats and corridors from threats through better planning, monitoring and community involvement’. The recovery plan states the necessary actions required to protect important populations of cassowaries, as well as how to manage and reduce threatening processes.

 To support implementation of the recovery plan, the CRT will:

  • hold regular recovery plan meetings which will have the primary purpose of sharing information, coordinating implementation activity and reporting to partners on progress and implementation issues, as a means of ensuring effective implementation of the recovery plan
  • provide advice to the Wet Tropics Management Authority, the Department of Environment and Resource Management, the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts and other authorities as appropriate about cassowary conservation issues
  • seek funding from government and other sources to support recovery plan objectives and actions; and
  • undertake an annual review of the implementation of the recovery plan.

The CRT plays an important role in ensuring community, government and research activities undertaken in support of cassowary conservation through implementation of the recovery plan are aligned and coordinated, and that knowledge is shared as a basis for informed action. An underlying principle of the recovery team is that all members will benefit from their participation through gaining knowledge and achieving efficiencies in plan implementation.