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Bird Department Supervisor - Cairns Tropical Zoo Southern Cassowary Species Coordinator (Captive), Husbandry Advisor - Australasian Species Management Program Zoo and Aquarium Association (Queensland Branch) Representative - Cassowary Recovery Team

Zoo and Aquarium Association Cassowary Husbandry Workshop

The Zoo and Aquarium Association hosted a cassowary husbandry workshop on 3-4 August 2011 to update the Cassowary Husbandry Manual (Romer Ed. 1997) with the latest information about all aspects of the captive management of the Southern Cassowary. The primary aim of the document will be to update and improve captive cassowary husbandry and management across the board, and it will be freely shared with all establishments housing Southern Cassowaries, and with those who work with, or would like to work with, the species.  Continue reading