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A quick search for “cassowary” on the internet will reveal many webpages, not all of which we’d recommend! However, in addition to this website and the Cassowary Recovery Team members’ websites (follow the links in the sidebar), the following may be useful for school projects or self-guided learning. If you find a great resource that we’ve missed, feel free to post a link in the comments section.

disclaimer: the majority of these resources are external sources and the crt bears no responsibilty for the accuracy of information or views expressed.


Websites & Factsheets

Colouring & Activity Sheets – click on the images for PDF files

—————————————————-A cassowary activity sheet is also available for purchase from EnviroPrint Australia.

Curriculum-based Activity Books – click on the images for PDF files


You can also find educational resources about cassowaries and other rainforest animals through the Wet Tropics Management Authority (WTMA)’s Rainforest Explorer:

You can also complete Rainforest Rescue’s self-guided Cassowary Education Kit On the Trail of the Cassowary which takes about 60 minutes:

Tropical Topics – Cassowaries

Cassowaries feature in several of WTMA’s magazines and Tropical Topics – click on the links for PDF files:

Cassowaries & Culture

The “No Wabu No Wuju No Gunduy” (No Rainforest No Food No Cassowary) DVD was produced by the Girringun Aboriginal Corporation (with assistance from EnviroFund and the Wet Tropics Management Authority). It depicts the close links between Rainforest Aboriginal people and the cassowary and their fears for its future survival. Copies are available from the Wet Tropics Management Authority for educational use. Call (07) 4052-0555 or email: 

How the Cassowary got its Helmet
Trevor Fourmile and Lillian Fourmile
A long time ago in the rainforest, all the animals lived happily together. Everyone helped each other to protect the land, all except the snakes and a poor cassowary who would get picked on because he could not fly. Every day the cassowary would stay away from the other animals so they could not tease him… Then one day someone noticed him.
Black Ink Press (2004). ISBN 1-86334-008-4

Sisi and the Cassowary
Arone Raymond Meeks
When Sisi escapes the watchful eyes of her elders and dives into the waterhole, she surfaces in an unfamiliar place and gets lost. A boy who is out collecting quandong fruit offers to lead her home. He disappears, but a cassowary encourages Sisi to climb on his back, and then carries her home. Sisi realises that the boy and the cassowary are the same. A story from the Kokoimundji people from the Laura area  (Cape York).
Scholastic Australia (2004) ISBN: 9781865045252

Both books are available from Dreamtime Kullilla Art.

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