Cassowary poo grows trees

Finding a cassowary scat sprouting rainforest trees can be a great way to stock your nursery and grow more cassowary food trees. Many thanks to Jeff Larsen from C4 (Community for Coastal and Cassowary Conservation) in Mission Beach for providing this picture.

Cassowary poo

My poo grows trees

Cassowary Sightings Log

Cassowary Sightings from the Cassowary Coast 1999-2012

For many years, CRT member C4 have been collecting sightings information about cassowaries through a daily log at their Visitor Centre in Mission Beach.

When local retiree, Jeff Larson (a self-confessed “mad stats” person), joined C4 in 2009, he generously volunteered his time to enter all the data into a spreadsheet for public viewing. Continue reading