World Cassowary Day in the Daintree

Cassowary in rainforest Photo: Dave Kimble

Cassowary in rainforest Photo: Dave Kimble

World Cassowary Day will be held in the Daintree this year.

When: 10am to 2pm on 24 September 2016.

Where: Daintree Rainforest Observatory, 3701 Cape Tribulation Road, Cape Tribulation.

Parking: Free parking provided.  Just follow the signs on the day.

Activities: Over 30 stalls about cassowaries and other wildlife, music performances, wildlife displays, face painting and activities for kids.

Speakers: Topics include the world’s three cassowary species, the Daintree blockade, tracking cassowaries through their poo, cassowary seed dispersal, conserving cassowary habitat and a history of cassowary conservation.

Film: No Wabu, No Wuju, No Gunduy (No Rainforest, No Food, No Cassowary).

For more details, visit the World Cassowary Day website.

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World Cassowary Day 2015


World Cassowary Day a great success



World Cassowary Day was held on Saturday 26 September at Mission Beach. Over 40 organisations set up stalls at the C4 Environment Centre and in the adjacent arboretum. After some heavy rains early in the day, the weather fined up and the visitors flowed in all morning. Special guests included Gregory Andrews, the Threatened Species Commissioner, Bob Irwin, Julia Leu the Douglas Shire mayor and Bill Shannon, the mayor of Cassowary Coast Regional Council.

You can see all the pictures and activities and stalls at the World Cassowary Day  website. The 2016 World Cassowary Day celebrations will be held in the Daintree.

Many thanks to the organisers and all those who participated, in particular C4 (Community for Cassowary Conservation), Mission Beach Cassowaries, Terrain NRM, Kuranda Conservation and ABC Far North.